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This is an overview of various graphic design products I have created for my customers.

Do you wish to order something? Below is a list of products that I usually offer for a flat fee. Other than that my daily rate is 200,-€. When used commercially, your product may warrant a negotiable licensing fee.

You can contact me by using the form at the end of every page.


You will find here a list of graphic design products, with their minimum prices. These are valid as offers until December 31, 2022. For broad commercial use I may charge for a license. Other products, special conditions, and discounts may be discussed personally.

The prices are VAT-exempt in line with § 19 Abs. 1 UStG (Germany).

Leistung Wert in EUR
Illustration ...

Illustrationen stehen für sich, oder dienen der Bebilderung eines Lesemediums.

Ich bevorzuge traditionelle Techniken des Zeichnens und Malens: Bleistift/Graphit, Tuschezeichnungen mit Feder oder Pinsel, Wasserfarbe oder Acryl für farbige Werke.

Dark Souls-themed tattoo design, drawn in pen & ink
ab 295,-
Design Mark (Logo) ...

A Logo without words, that is easily recognizable on different backgrounds. The strict selection of colors is of upmost importance. Can consist of abstract shapes, letters, or figural elements. A detailed mascot (with limited usability) would also be possible.

Ressourcenpool Leipzig, design mark
ab 395,-
Flyer ...

A flyer is defined as a single sheet of paper, printed front and back, and possibly folded as a leaflet, to get more than two pages. It is widely used to distribute information, such as announcements, as it is small and light, and fits every pocket. In the past, »flyers« were literally sent flying out of a window or a plane, to spread the word in the city.

flyer design, background image from Jáma © filmmaker Jiří Stejskal
ab 195,-
Poster ...

Posters make your message visible in public space. They consist of a single page, but combined solutions are possbile, f.i. leaflets, that have printed a poster on the front, and flyer pages on the back.

final poster
ab 195,-
Business Card ...

To help your business partners and customers remember you and, more specifically, your contact data, more easily, I recommend you a professionally designed, high-quality business card.

ab 195,-
Layout & Typesetting for Broschures / Booklets ...

Booklets are often shipped with products and contain illustrations, additional information, or song lyrics in the case of music CDs. The number of pages range usually from 8 to 24 (a multiple of 4). They serve to provide additional context to your product. As such, they may help to avoid or answer questions the customer may ask himself.

Broschures are promotional material and often come as a few folded leaflets. The cost is comparable to booklets, as it is calculated via the number of pages to work on. Pages that make sense only across folds may receive a negotiated bargain.

ab 395,-
Layout & Typesetting in Movie Titles and Graphic User Interfaces ...

This offer is about designing titles in moving picture media (movie opening and closing titles, sub-titles, overlays, etc.), or graphic user interfaces (GUI) in interactive media, such as Apps. It is possible to animate the designs, depending on your needs.

ab 795,-