Entry: ABANDON Interactive Film

Entry: ABANDON Interactive Film

This entry represents an experiment in crossing film and interactive video game.

What you see is a short make-shift documentation video of a semester project prototype. The challenge was to cross elements of film, animation and interactive media. The solution suggested here was a combination of camera- and A.I.-processes that give the scene a life on their own, until the player decides to step in. So it serves both, the need to observe casually, and the need to guide things according to our interest, as soon as we’re invested.

The world in this game is supposed to be a huge labyrinth (a Megastructure) and the implied quest is to escape it. The idea inspired by the manga BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei.

, screenshot of the starting sequence in the AI-driven game prototype
screenshot of the starting sequence in the AI-driven game prototype

prototype developed with Unity3d, scripting in c#
modeling in 3Ds max
sounds and textures can be found at freesound.org and cgtextures.com, respectively

The character model, its base textures, the locomotion system and animations, as well as some camera and utility scripts came with the ‘Locomotion System’, copyright (c) 2008, Rune Skovbo Johansen & Unity Technologies ApS. I modified scripts and textures within the terms of the Tutorial Assets License Agreement.

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ABANDON is a world-building project, a game concept, an idea for a novel, an art exhibition concept … a long story. A pet-project of mine since 2011, it is where I funnel those creative energies that keep me awake at night. It used to borrow from Tsutomu Niheis BLAME!, but it has outgrown that phase.

I’m now writing the story for a web-based graphic novel with the working title „7 Stories of ABANDON“, short 7SA.


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