Entry: ABANDON Teaser

Entry: ABANDON Teaser

As a »teaser« for an imagined game, this animation short was essentially the birth of the ABANDON project.

modelling, texturing, animation and rendering done in 3Dstudio max
cut and image effects done in Adobe Premiere
ambient music consists of parts of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC soundtrack by MoozE

category: ABANDON

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ABANDON is a world-building project, a game concept, an idea for a novel, an art exhibition concept … a long story. A pet-project of mine since 2011, it is where I funnel those creative energies that keep me awake at night. It used to borrow from Tsutomu Niheis BLAME!, but it has outgrown that phase.

I’m now writing the story for a web-based graphic novel with the working title „7 Stories of ABANDON“, short 7SA.


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