Eintrag: Vindenrim Barrow

Eintrag: Vindenrim Barrow

Vindenrim Barrow, Vindenrim Barrow concept art, a lengthwise cut of a horn-shaped barrow, hewn into a mountain
Vindenrim Barrow concept art, a lengthwise cut of a horn-shaped barrow, hewn into a mountain

A design concept for a Nord barrow.

There is an over-arching musical theme in this dungeon, most importantly it is shaped like the insides of a horn and some unique instruments can be found here. This barrow contains the old ancestral tombs of the Vindenrim clan, whose last known descendant is a man called Norik Windryhme.

The entrance will be at the foot of a small mountain, covered by shrubbery, and shaped like a nose and mouth. The first area is a long strech hewn into rock, with air holes in the ceiling, and undead roaming about. The second part has a staircase leading upwards, next to a trickle of water flowing downwards. The stairs become more narrow and lead to a lofty circular room, and onto a central pillar/platform made from ice. The high ceiling of this final area has huge icicles, that resemble a reversed crown.

When the final room has been opened, the whole barrow will whistle from a constant flow of wind, going in through the “mouth”, and out at the high end. If it happens that Norik Windryhme will conduct his musical ritual (playing a certain bukkehorn melody and singing a song to his ancestors), the whistle will become a rhythmic drone. The lyrics of his song refer to an ancient undying foe of the Vindenrim clan, possibly a daedroth or a vampire, who has been entrapped within the ice of the central pillar of the barrow though some sacred musical ritual. Norik apparently had to renew the entrapment by conducting the ritual again.

Among the treasures in the barrow is a bonemold lyre, a cultural clash of Dunmer bonemold techniques and Nord music culture. It is played like a tagelharpa with a bow. Most likely made by, or for a friend of both cultures, a long way back.

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