Eintrag: Imperial City Waterfront

Eintrag: Imperial City Waterfront

Concept art of the cityscape of the Imperial City at the center of Cyrodiil.

The artwork prominently shows Ayleid (Alessian?) ruins in contrast with current era brickwork buildings. While the poorest live on boats, in tents on the lakeshore, or in leaf-covered or thatched fishing huts, the middle and upper class lives in large brickwork compounds with their own seperate bazaars and apartment blocks. Some details on the roofs are meant to portray the Nibenese affinity for dragons and big jungle cats. Large watchtowers oversee important roads, bridges and canals, yet some towers in poor regions have been repurposed for civil use. Also featured: the White-Gold Tower and the Jerall Mountains.

This has been an experiment of combining two different architectual styles to reflect the age of the largest city in Tamriel (The Elder Scrolls universe), that will eventually have to be realized by the community of the Morrowind modding project called Project Cyrodiil.

The lineart has been drawn with pen & ink and coloring was done digitally.

Kategorie: Concept Art

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Concept Art – vor allem für Modding-Projekte für TES III: Morrowind


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